NUP (سیاست ملی شهری)

سند سیاست ملی شهری با همکاری معاونت معماری و شهرسازی وزارت راه و شهرسازی جمهوری اسلامی ایران توسط برنامه اسکان بشر ملل متحد در دست تدوین می باشد.

Pilot Phase of the National Urban Policy Programme: Developing NUPs and Smart City Strategies in I.R. Iran 

UN-Habitat’s strategic plans 2020-2023 recognized the critical role of National Urban Policy (NUP) as a driver for meaningful change. The pilot phase of the National Urban Policy Programme, which is a partnership between UN-Habitat and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development in Iran, is going to develop National Urban Policy and Smart City Strategies and aim to offer a platform to foster synergy, coherence, capacity development and mutual learning globally on National Urban Policy. There are three main expected accomplishments from the pilot phase of the NUPP 

Enhanced capacity of government to develop, implement, and monitor and evaluate national urban policy and develop smart city strategies in Iran

Increased centralization of knowledge and tools on the development, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of urban policy and smart city strategies in Iran

Augmented opportunity for knowledge sharing on urban policy (NUP and SUP) and smart city strategies in Iran

Through this exchange, it is hoped that governments and other stakeholders can begin to use urban policy as an instrument for public awareness of the gains to be obtained from sustainable urban development. In the first phase of NUPP in Iran, the Diagnostic Report was prepared and launched in December 2018. The second phase, which is ongoing, is planned to formulate the National Urban Policy and Smart City Strategy Document in Iran


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