The First International Conference on Improving the Resilience of Hospitals and Critical Facilities (IRHCF)

The First International Conference on Improving the Resilience of Hospitals and Critical Facilities (IRHCF) is organized by UN-Habitat Tehran Office, ministry of Health and Medical Education, as well as Ministry of Roads, Housing and Urban Development. This two-day conference which is being held at BHRC, Tehran on 29th and 30th September 2019 aims to bring together public and private stakeholders, academicians, researchers and experts in the fields of construction of health facilities and public buildings. The conference addresses various themes and topics including assessment of vulnerability to multiple hazards, structural engineering and retrofitting strategies, non-structural hazard mitigation of buildings, construction engineering of hospitals and critical facilities, integrated disaster risk management, engineering economics for crisis management, functional and institutional topics on improving the resilience of hospitals and critical facilities From the perspective of architecture and urbanization, as well as passive defense.

Dr. Farahbod, the scientific chair opened the conference and welcomed the participants at Pakdaman Hall, BHRC. The opening ceremony was followed by an introductory speech by Mr.Moazami from MoHME, who mentioned the necessity of research and development in areas of retrofitting and design of safe hospitals. Later, Mr.Tootoonchi Deputy of National Technical Regulatory System Briefly introduced PBO publications on retrofitting and design of hospitals.  The opening was continued by remarks of Ms. Daniels the Resident coordinator of United Nations in Iran, and Mr.Morikava from Japan embassy on further productive partnerships with Iranian public and private sector to initiate an ongoing process rather than being stand-alone projects.

Dr. Akdogan the Officer in Charge of UN-habitat Tehran office appreciated the cooperation and productive partnership of MoHME in all stages of BEHTAB project, and the necessity to continue projects like BEHTAB in the future. To conclude, Dr. Shekarchizadeh, Deputy Minister and President of BHRC, emphasized the role of projects like BEHTAB in improving the knowledge of the professional community and suggested that in addition to the financial support, we should learn from Japanese experience and technological advancements in our future projects.

The conference continued by various parallel sessions and a number of presentations and round-tables to discuss the latest experiences, research projects and technological advances and innovations in the area of construction of health facilities and public buildings.


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