Consultation Meeting on The First International Conference on Improving The Resilience of Hospitals

At the invitation of MRUD Deputy Ministers Dr. Shekarchizadeh and Mr. Alizadeh, a consultation meeting was held at Homa Hotel on Saturday31st August 2019. Several prominent construction companies and renowned consultancy firm specializing in design and construction of health facilities attended this meeting. In this meeting Dr. Farzin Fardanesh, BEHTAB project manager, delivered a presentation on the activities of the UN-Habitat Tehran Office and the BEHTAB Project. Dr. Ehsan Asna Ashari, BEHTAB Capacity Development Officer explained the objectives and themes of the First International Conference on Resilience of Hospitals and Critical Facilities to be held on 29~30 September 2018.


The next presentation was delivered by Mr. Aziz-zadeh, Rayanegan Company, on the organizational matters of this Conference. Dr. Shekarchizadeh, President of BHRC then spoke about the importance of this Conference as an awareness-raising occasion to launch a process for retrofit of hospitals and health care facilities. He emphasized that the recommendations of the conference should be summarized as a statement to be shared with high-ranking officials of the country for furthere decision-making on this matter. Mr. Alizadeh, General Manager of the Commissioning Organization of State and Public Buildings and Installations also referred to the critical role of private sector consultants and contractors have to play in improving the quality of construction in spite of the challenges they have to face due to the current economic situation.


In the second part of the meeting, the audience took turns in sharing their views and experience concerning the current challenges they are facing in delivery of buildings of acceptable quality, as well as their recommendations for coping with these challenges. The meeting was followed by a reception dinner.



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