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The State of Sri Lankan Cities 2018 report | UN-Habitat

The State of Sri Lankan Cities 2018 report

The State of Sri Lankan Cities 2018 presents the first comprehensive assessment of Sri Lanka’s recent urban development. The Report is  a key output of the State of Sri Lankan Cities Project. It outlines a vision of a better urban future for all Sri Lankans, drawing on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and New Urban Agenda, as well as key Government of Sri Lanka strategic documents. The Report provides an analysis of the spatial attributes of Sri Lanka’s urbanization, an overview of its people and functions and examines city economies, urban housing, municipal services, urban connectivity and municipal transport, climate risk and resilience, and governance. The report was jointly produced by the Government of Sri Lanka and UN-HABITAT with funding from the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

View and download the report here


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